Friday, May 13, 2005 

The Popinjays

n. a vain and talkative person (chatters like a parrot)

Have you ever encountered the popinjays? I bet you have. They are everywhere.
Have you ever felt like you’re a popinjay? I have.
There are times when I just can’t keep my mouth shut. Maybe because I’m too excited and it turns out the excitement is about nothing or talking about things that really doesn’t have worth meaning. Speaking of nothing. Because I got nothing to speak of.

How to make nothing worthwhile?
Believe in nothing.
Or believe there might be something inside nothing.
Meanwhile, this time around... it’s only vain and talkative person to me.

NB: Kalo nggak salah jaman SMP dulu ada band namanya "The Popinjays" yang sering diputer di Prambors? Enak sekali lagunya!!! Ada yang punya? ;)

Monday, May 02, 2005 

@ scoops

"Selamat malam minggu..." ujarnya.

Dan waktu rasanya berlalu begitu cepat bersama seseorang yang sepertinya sudah dikenal begitu lama. :)


Big fat sense of humor

This morning on the news: Thailand Jumbo Queen Pageant

The contestants, as mostly the Thais I have seen on tv commercials, have pretty faces and attractive looks but as the title of the contest itself, the contestants required to have 80 Kgs in weight or more.

The intention is nice. Because the size of the body shouldn’t be an obstacle for someone to become a model. As we know, clothes are made in sizes, why should the model restricted to be in one size only? Models are not one-size-fits-all thingy aight?

Anyway, as I said before… the intention is nice. But one thing strucks me, the pageant’s benefit goes to Thailand Elephant Conservatory. As quoted on Yahoo, “The Jumbo Queen contest is held to select the contestant who best exhibits the characteristics of an elephant, by virtue of her grace, elegance and size, to lead the jumbo banquet and help promote elephant conservation causes in Thailand.”

Hmmm… some of my big posture friends have a big sense of humor but it really needs a one big heart to accept this kind of promotion package. Jumbo queen = save the elephant? Seriously… They really does have a BIG HEART.

Maybe when you reach a certain level of weight, you’ll stop worrying about your body. You’ll stop asking people, “did I gain weight?” Come to think of it, they reach a certain level of freedom where they just carefree about small stupid things and enjoy life, life that is full of delicious food… the life delicacies: life without die-ts!

Then again, today as I struggle to fit myself in my old pair of jeans, I can't stop myself asking, “Guys, honestly… did I gain weight?”

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