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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dear Harsya & Nesha

Love is not the shape of heart that we used to know. It is a circle that connects us together. It is as round as your eyes when you're happy and as lively as your yesterday's presence in our heart. And as the circle drawn in the life of both of you, someday by faith we will meet somehow and our world will go round again. Believe that love comes in circle dearests, because it never ends as your life revolves. And we will be there in every turn. Wishing, praying, missing, waiting.

learning in lost. letting go in love.

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hey dear! is everything okay with you?

pritz sayang..
gw ikut ngrasain apa yang lo rasain koq..
your love and care are always remember on their mind :)
percaya deh..
ur such a gut auntie, dear!

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Wah.. keren nih tulisannya.

Learning in lost. Letting go in love.
Gue kutip yahhhh :)

Waaaw dikutip sama ratu Blog... senangnya :D

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